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Natural Stress-Free Ways to Survive the Holidays

Natural Stress-Free Ways to Survive the Holidays
Even if you love the holidays and await them all year long -- we can all agree there's a significant uptick in stress during this season.  Your schedule is bombarded with visits from family and friends, work events, social events, and family outings, to name a few.  Traffic is more hectic than usual, stores are
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Go Ahead and Take a Break

There I the kitchen...AGAIN. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Was I hungry? I checked in. Nope. 🙄 Then why was I mindlessly shifting things in the fridge hoping something would stand out to me? It was because I needed a break. All too often we#mompreneurs lack boundaries in our work. Our days start early and ends late. The middle part can be a blur

Putting Yourself Last…

As a mom I’ve put myself lot. But that’s honorable right? No one can take care of your babies better than you, right? Walking around sporting yesterday’s outfit and dry shampoo in your hair makes you “one of the good moms”. It means your kids are being taken care of and getting the best chance of