006: What’s Eating You Type 9

Nines at all levels should realize that the key to balance in their life is not to avoid conflict but to express their anger when it comes. Avoiding conflict only prolongs conflict. They should learn that expressing how they feel will not push people away but actually invite them in to their world. Remember that
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How to Naturally Lower Stress Hormone (Cortisol)

STRESS!!! Its causes are absolutely everywhere. Would you agree? Our natural “fight or flight” stress response can sometimes go a little overboard. It’s supposed to help us escape injury or death in an emergency and then return to normal after we’ve fought or flew. But, that doesn’t happen too much in our society - it becomes a
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Quick Snack Ideas For Busy Mamas

When you're in the moment and feeling those hunger pangs, it can be hard to sit and think about healthy snack options. In those moments, you want whatever is closest to you and easiest to consume. To avoid grabbing the high-sugar, processed snacks that will leave you feeling unsatisfied and blah, here are eight healthy

How to Use Your Air Fryer For Healthy Meals

Whether you already have an Air Fryer or are still thinking about investing in one, there are so many ways to use an Air Fryer to keep things exciting in the kitchen. After all, it allows you to make the fried foods you love with much less fat and calories. But aside from the healthier "fried food" option, there
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How Food Journaling Can Change Your Life

Jotting down everything you eat throughout the day can unlock so many clues as to what foods work best for you, and what foods may be negatively affecting you without you even realizing. It can be as simple as carrying a small notebook around in your purse, or even as quick as downloading a

Resolutions That Have Nothing to Do with Food or Health

Are you ready for another year?  The upcoming year is especially exciting because we're about to embark on a journey into a brand new decade! I'm sure you have your health and fitness goals already pegged and are ready to make a fresh start. But have you given any thought to resolutions for other areas of your
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Natural Stress-Free Ways to Survive the Holidays

Natural Stress-Free Ways to Survive the Holidays
Even if you love the holidays and await them all year long -- we can all agree there's a significant uptick in stress during this season.  Your schedule is bombarded with visits from family and friends, work events, social events, and family outings, to name a few.  Traffic is more hectic than usual, stores are
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Ways to Avoid Overeating At Thanksgiving This Year

Heeeyyyy! A HUGE HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you! I hope your day will be absolutely incredible. The most wonderful time of the year is beginning! But from Thanksgiving to Christmas the average westerner gains 7-10 pounds. We KNOW this, but we do it anyway. Most people do absolutely nothing to stop it. So why is this? We tend to use special occasions as

Why Am I Always Hungry?

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If you often feel hungry, you are not alone! There are many reasons to feel hungry. Of course, the most obvious one is that you are actually physically hungry. Maybe your stomach is empty, your blood sugar has dropped, and your hunger hormones are having a party. Sometimes though, the hunger may not be physical hunger.

Summer Clean Eatin’ Shopping List

With the growing awareness on health and fitness, clean eating has been one of the attractions for celebrities, youngsters, and older generation to seek a better lifestyle. Clean eating is eating whole foods that are as close to nature and being minimal or totally unprocessed, refined or preserved. (Count me in!) While modern food and scrumptious